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Experience tour prevailing in Tibet
By:China Tibet News
update:May 10,2018
May 10,2018--Every March, Peach Blossom Festival kicks off in Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, attracting a large number of tourists from both home and abroad. In addition to the beauty of wild peach blossoms, visitors could experience local unique customs and taste specialties. With the coming of Damshung Cordyceps Culture and Tourism Festival in May, visitors will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nam Co, take a bath in hot spring and experience the digging of cordyceps. 
Thanks to the upgrading of tourism consumption mix, experience tour has become a new prevailing tourism model. Compared with sightseeing tour and leisure tour, experience tour focuses on tourists' participation, which is also a kind of tourism model with individuality and designed for special demands. Take the digging of cordyceps in Damshung for instance, each tourist is accompanied by one local guide, when they dig cordyceps. It is also a good way to get in touch with nature. Currently, with an increasing demand for spirit consumption, a growing number of tourists pay attention to the experience during their trips and prefer an in-depth tour through which they could experience the local unique culture and customs.
China's Tibet, an important world tourism destination, boasts beautiful scenery and rich culture. It makes every effort to develop all-region tourism, which need the closely cooperation between tourism industry and poverty alleviation. The region will consistently promote the development of rural tourism and explore tourist products with unique features. More locals will be engaged in the tourism.
The region has carried out the initiative of "winter tours in Tibet-enjoy the world's third pole" this year. Preferential polices echoing for this activity includes stare-grade hotels, ticket discounts, and flight and train services. Through the research of Tibetan history and culture, Tibet has pushed forward the integration of tourism and culture, in which tourists could experience Tibetan unique culture while enjoying beautiful scenery in Tibet.
Tibet's tourism industry faces a historic opportunity of development. The region will build its own high-quality tourism brand and increase the vitality for tourism development, bringing fortune for the local. Tourism will become a platform for the display of the regional economic and social development, making more tourists know Tibet in an all-round way.
By:Zhu Shan
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