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Tibet compiled and published hundreds of books on intangible cultural heritages
update:August 29,2016
Aug. 29, 2016 -- Since the protection work of intangible cultural heritages was launched in Tibet, great achievements have been made with the joint efforts of people from all walks of life.
According to the Intangible Cultural Heritages Office of Tibet Cultural Affairs, since 2005, intangible cultural heritages protection personnel have conducted comprehensive census and survey on folk literature, traditional music, dance, painting, craft and medicine that have historical, cultural, scientific and art value. In addition, relative files and databases are established continuously. Over 100000 pieces of transcripts, more than 1300 boxes of audio tapes, 200 boxes of videos, and 40000 pieces of photos are collected. Apart from that, more than 1700 items of intangible cultural heritages are discovered.
To consolidate the census work as well as to transform the census achievements and theoretical research results into visible and tangible cultural products, in 2010, Tibet fully launched the publishing work of "Tibet intangible cultural heritages series of books" and audio (video) products, and continuously increased investment and support degree. At present, financial sectors of the central government and Tibet Autonomous Region have accumulatively invested nearly 14 million yuan.
By unifying own actual situation and project features, protection units at all levels have compiled and published hundreds of books on intangible cultural heritages.
The compilation and publication of "Tibet intangible cultural heritages series of books" and audio (video) products can not only protect and inherit excellent traditional culture, but also provide valuable materials for later generations to inherit and research national good traditional culture.
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