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Hopes of Tibetan mask maker
update:July 29,2016
Tengpa is also bothered by students leaving before they complete their study.
Years ago, he visited a monastery in Qinghai Province, where he saw a soft and deformed mask. A monk in the monastery told him the mask only lasted for 15 years, adding, "It was made by a student of master Sonam Tengpa in Dzogchen Monastery."
Feeling uneasy upon hearing his name, he examined the mask carefully and found that the integral clay layers in the front section of the mask were missing.
Later, he ran into the apprentice. "He had gained a lot of weight, with many decorations around his neck and looks wealthy," said Tengpa, "I couldn't even believe my eyes."
The student offered to treat Tengpa, but he refused. "I told him 'If you don't know how to make the mask, just ask me. But don't make substandard products'," Tengpa said. "I told him about my experience in Qinghai, he felt ashamed and returned money to the monastery."
Now Tengpa tells each apprentice that they can only leave when they have completed their study.
"If they are not sure about something, they can always contact me and I'm ready to help. All I hope is that the culture will not be tarnished by greed," said Tengpa.

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