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Beijing to hold int'l seminar on Tibetan studies
update:August 09,2023

BEIJING, Aug. 8  -- An international seminar on Tibetan studies will be held in Beijing in mid-August for academics to discuss the latest in Tibetology research, the organizer said Tuesday.

The seminar, the seventh of its kind since 1991, is scheduled from Aug. 14-16 and will be attended by more than 300 scholars from China and overseas, according to the China Tibetology Research Center (CTRC).

The event will cover various topics such as education, Tibetan Buddhism, social transformation and change, and architecture and living conditions on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, said Li Zuotai, an official with CTRC.

"As one of the largest international academic events in Tibetan studies, the seminar is an important platform for academics in Tibetology at home and abroad to showcase the latest research findings and deepen exchanges and cooperation," Li said.

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