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Doctor safeguards village in Southwest China for 55 years
update:December 02,2021
Suo Mugun, left, gives a physical examination to a villager. [Photo/Chinanews.com]
Suo Mugun, a 74-year-old rural doctor, has been serving villagers in his hometown for more than 55 years in Rangtang county of Aba Tibet and Qiang autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Sichuan province.
Suo was born in Siyuewu village in Puxi township and started to work as the only doctor in his hometown in 1966. He joined at the most grassroots level, silently giving and tending to the health of villagers and herdsmen.
In over half a century, Suo, a member of the Communist Party of China, has saved numerous people and earned the respect and gratitude from people around him.
Due to the difficult terrain, Suo climbed mountains and plateaus on foot for years, often carrying patients on his back. As a result, his knees suffered from serious problems and he eventually had to rely on a walking stick.
However, that did not discourage him from fulfilling his duties.
When muddy trails were renovated into concrete roads, Suo learned how to ride a motorcycle so he could respond to medical emergencies faster, but he has fallen to the ground so many times he's lost count.
Suo Mugun goes to work with his walking stick. [Photo/Chinanews.com]
As the sole village doctor, Suo's work shift is day and night. "The closest town is over 20 kilometers away, it's easier for people to get medicines for small illness from me," he said.
For those who are impoverished or in difficult financial situations, Suo stated he won't ask for or accept any payment.
These days, Suo's movement is not as easy as before, but he still gives his all. When asked about the future, Suo said he can't live without the villagers, and they can't live without him.
"My heart aches whenever I think of how old uncle Suo has become. Our village cannot do without him. He saved my entire family and this year I was given a second chance at life thanks to him as well," said Jin Zhong, a villager seeking treatment.
"So long as these old bones can still move and be useful, I will do my utmost to help the villagers," Suo said.

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