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Qinghai innovates Tibetan medicine inheritance
By:China Tibet Online
update:October 12,2016
Oct.12, 2016 -- On the 29th of September a long time elderly patient of rheumatism by the name of Rinchen soaked his body in Tibetan medicinal broth and placed gauze wrap over his knee joint. The plateau is just about to enter the cold season and this is already the 8th time that he has come to the hospital to treat his problem.
He said that in the past three years prefecture as well as county level Tibetan hospitals have been rebuilding Tibetan medicine facilities.  “That not only made Tibetan medicine production more strictly regulated, but also make it easier and more comfortable to seeing doctors .” Basic coverage for Tibetan clinics has already become indispensable in the regard of sanitation services in Tibetan inhabited areas of the Qinghai Province.
According to reports, at the end of 2013, all the counties in Qinghai had realized full coverage for Chinese and Tibetan medicine. More than 130 Chinese and Tibetan medical pharmaceuticals were incorporated into city and countryside resident medical insurance system reimbursement processes. According to the plan, by the end of 2016, more than 200 Tibetan medicine centers will be installed in village sanitation and community sanitation service center in Qinghai. More than 90% of village sanitation institutions will be able to supply Chinese and Tibetan medicine services, furthermore people will be able to enjoy door front Tibetan medical treatment services that are simple, informal, considerate and inexpensive.
"The Tibetan medicine has more than two thousand years of inheritance, and up until now it has left the monasteries and entered the villages. The government encourages and people welcome rejuvenation of the traditional Tibetan medicine. Qinghai is one of the focal points for traditional Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medical preventatives and curable diabetes techniques as well as non-pharmaceutical based treatment for high blood pressure techniques are being promoted. We hope that we can work hard and make Tibetan Pharmaceuticals more scientific and more scaled."
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