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Village highways built up to help enrich villagers
update:March 05,2019
Mar. 5, 2019 -- On the Sershul Zhaxika Grassland in the Tibetan-inhabited area of southwest China's Sichuan Province, lives the nomadic Gyantse family. The Gyantse family lives in Puma Village, which is 40 kilometers away from Zhenda Township. In the past, in order to get to the county town from Zhenda Township, they needed to cross a dirt road that was built into the mountain cliffs near the Jinsha River.

“In the past, the road was not good. We usually couldn’t sell the milk we’d milked because there wasn’t enough time,” says Gyantse, recalling how inconvenient the road conditions were in the past. He said that when villagers traveled, there were always problems, not to mention the sales of agricultural by-products.

Although the distance is short, the road conditions were extremely poor. They had to cross a dangerous road known as “Chamge Cliff”. According to Gyantse, “Chamge Cliff” was a sharp bend that jutted out along the dangerous road by the river. Road visibility was blocked, and only one car could pass by at a time, so it was easy to get in an accident on the cliff.

“Now, even though our village is one of the farthest away from the county town, since the new road has been repaired, we can reach the town in less than two hours. Now the milk, butter, and yoghurt we make are very in-demand there.” Speaking about how the road conditions have improved, Gyantse is very excited.

It is reported that 3,095 kilometers of village highway and 265.9 kilometers of the township highway have already been completed in Sershul County. In 2018, the County invested 1.73 billion yuan(258 million US dollars), completing 2,404.2 kilometers of highway that passed through 105 villages by September.

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