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Gannan Prefecture launches sightseeing platforms for visitors
By:China Tibet Online
update:September 29,2018
Sept. 29, 2018 -- Gannan Prefecture of China’s northwest Gansu Province has long been known as “Little Tibet.” The prefecture boasts famous spots like Labrang Monastery, Sangke Meadows, Lhamo Monastery, Karhai Lake, etc.; even the roads connecting these locations are full of stunning sights, the most unique of which are the 76 sightseeing platforms with cultural flavor.  

With the guideline of “a sightseeing platform for every sight,” the Department of Transportation in Gannan Prefecture has made the building of sightseeing platforms part of the prefecture’s road construction system. Each platform has its own parking lot, walking trail, viewing area, and restrooms. There are accommodations including altitude indicators, garbage cans, protective railings, tourism information billboards, information areas, convenience stores, rest areas, etc. Also available are intricate sightseeing pavilions, walkways, mural walls, trails, man-made sculptures, cultural walls, and greenery etc., achieving an effect that balances ecology, natural sights, and humanitarian elements.

Sept. 29, 2018 -- The ecological restrooms and tourist service center at the sightseeing platform.

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