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Rebirth of a plateau village in Yushu after earthquake
update:April 14,2020
April 14,2020 -- Daige Village, located in Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, has developed itself into a renowned science and technology demonstration village since a grave  earthquake struck the city in 2010.
Chinese governments at various levels and all walks of society have invested almost 50 million yuan in rebuilding the village since the earthquake.
In 2012, villagers moved to newly built Tibetan-style houses with solar panels on the roofs. The new houses are equipped with floor heating systems. 89-year-old Suonan Qiuzhan said her health state has been getting better since she moved here.
With more roads being built in the village, life has become more convenient. Villagers also build greenhouses to plant vegetables. Gelai Dajie said life here is convenient and comfortable with no big differences with that in cities.
Daige was a half agriculture and half herding village before the upgrading. Ouzhou Yongzang said they had only several cattle and 3 acres of land in the past, striving to make ends meet. After moving to the new house, they bought a truck to transport goods, making an income of more than 30,000 a year.
Daige has been actively developing greenhouses and raising Tibetan pigs, chickens and yaks. An agricultural demonstration garden has been built. The animal farming industry brings the village an annual revenue of over 70,000 yuan.
By:Jia Puyu
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