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Tibetan elderly volunteer shot tea for epidemic fight
update:February 19,2020
Feb.19, 2020 -- Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, 68-year-old Gong Ruqiong has kept providing hot tea to the nearby epidemic-prevention station every day.
To curb the spread of the Covid-19 and keep 863 people in the three villages of Kongyu County safe and healthy, village officials have decided to be on duty at the epidemic-prevention station in turn.
When Gong Ruqiong was young, her spinal column was damaged to the point of almost paralysis. After several major surgeries under the help of the government, she can walk with a cane. Given her physical condition, people tried to persuade her not to come. However, she said that the country helped her in her toughest time, now the country is having a hard time, she must stand with people of all ethnic groups to help the nation fight the epidemic.

By: Zhou Tianyu
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