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Qinghai: a model province for nature reserves protection
update:August 08,2019

Aug.8, 2019 -- Tuotuohe River, located in Golmud, Qinghai province, source of the Yangtze River. (Photo by Zhang Shengbang)

Aug.8, 2019 -- Tibetan wild donkeys forage in Sanjiangyuan National Park. (people.com.cn/Han Jiajun) 

Aug.8, 2019 -- A snow leopard in Sangjiangyuan National Park. (Photo by Sangjiangyuan National Park Administration)

Aug.8, 2019 -- As the first province to pilot the national park system in China, Qinghai has become a model province for nature reserves protection, with two national parks -- Sangjiangyuan National Park and Qilianshan National Park. 
Located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai is a high-altitude region with the richest biodiversity in the whole world, and also one of China’s most important nature reserves. The total area of nature reserves is about 250,000 sq.km., which takes up 35% of the whole province. 
In 2006, China’s first pilot for national park system was established in Sangjiangyuan. In May 2017, the State Council approved the Qilianshan ecological protection and restoration project. 
The main purpose of building national parks is to protect the ecosystem and preserve biodiversity.
At present, the Sangjiangyuan nature reserve has completed ecosystem function reorganization and the related departments have been integrated. Besides, Qinghai has joined hands with its neighboring provinces and regions to better protect nature reserves. 
The local government would further innovate management mechanisms, establish a “map” of nature reserves, optimize and integrate all the nature reserves and implement centralized management, said Li Xiaonan, Director of Qinghai Forestry and Grassland Administration. 
By:Gao Jingna
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