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Roads boost development of remote Tibetan county
update:December 01,2017

Dec. 1, 2017 -- Located in the southeast corner of Tibet, Motuo County was considered as an “isolated island” due to lack of transportation. The situation was unchanged until Oct.31, 2013 when Zhamo Road was completed.

“The construction of Zhamo Road accelerated the transportation development in Motuo and the road mileage has been increasing rapidly,” said Daqiao, deputy county chief of Motuo.

Yungchen Lhamo has been living in Motuo County since her childhood. She was a farmer with meager income before the road was constructed. But now she opens a shop with an annual income of over 10,000 yuan. “I am living a happy life which was unimaginable in the past,” said Yungchen.

The completion of the road also boosts local tourism, which has generated much more incomes for local people by offering services to a growing number of tourists.

The road has reduced logistics cost in Motuo dramatically, thus promoting the economic development and improving the living standards of local people.

Thanks to the Zhamo Road, Today’s Motuo has become a prosperous county with a suitable economic infrastructure. “We are upgrading the road this year with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan, ” said Wang Dong, Party chief of Motuo.

By: Shi Dongdong

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