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  • Three "first Living Buddha" in Tibetan Buddhism history
  • Printing of original ancient Buddhist canon returns to Palace ...
  • Living Buddhas speak up in politics in Tibet
  • 3rd Xihuang Lama Temple Forum opens in Beijing
  • Monks get a greater sense of gain in Tibet
  • Tibetan monks livelihood greatly improved
  • 404 Tibetan Buddhist monks participate in academic title test ...
  • China to ban religious profiteering
  • CPC official calls for better religious work
  • Tibetan Buddhism's Kagyu school holds Phowa Dharma Assembly
  • Ten lamas sit for top Tibetan Buddhism degree
  • 11th Panchen Lama visits north Tibet
  • Chinese living Buddha funds construction of Bangladesh pagoda
  • Panchen Lama starts Kalachakra ritual in Shigatse
  • Panchen Lama to give rare Buddhist ritual in Tibet
  • Full Text: Assessment Report on the Implementation of the Nati...
  • Fleeting beauty: the Tibetan sand mandala
  • Rare Thangka painting of Miantang School discovered in Tibet
  • Tibetan thangka paintings displayed in Germany
  • Bonpo monks receive doctorate for first time from China's mode...
  • Panchen Lama blesses Tibetans in Lhasa
  • Panchen Lama visits Jokhang Temple
  • Tibetan Buddhists prime for debate test
  • Tibetans celebrate Buddha month twice this year
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