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Lhasa: Multiple measures taken to protect blue sky
update:December 29,2016
Dec. 29, 2016 -- According to 2015 Report on the State of Environment in Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, receives 349 good weathers with blue sky, and the excellent and good rate of atmospheric environment quality is 95.73 percents in Lhasa, ranking No. 5 among the 74 key cities in China. According to the analysis on air quality from Jan. to Oct. released by Ministry of Environmental Protection recently, Lhasa ranks among the top ten cities with good air quality in China.
In recent years, Lhasa has formulated the Regulations of Vehicle Emission Pollution Control and Supervision in Lhasa as well as the Notice to Prohibit the Use of Coal-fired or Wood-burning Boiler at Urban Area of Lhasa successively, reformed the coal-fired or wood-burning boilers in  the shower industry, and realized the energy structure based on clean energies, including electricity, liquefied gas, solar power and so on.

In terms of economy development, Lhasa exercises strict control over heavy pollution industries, such as ore dressing industry, metallurgic industry, cement industry and so on, vigorously proposes the development of pure land health industry with plateau characteristics. At the same time, Lhasa continously promotes the strategy of building an environment-oriented city, as well as energetically implement projects of Forestation on Hills and Change River into Lake, realizing 37.6 percents' urban green coverage rate, 18.4 percents' forest coverage rate. The per capita urban public green area in Lhasa reaches 62.34 wquare meters.
What’s more, environmental protection administration has issued Methods for Assessing Environmental Protection in Lhasa, established a special award fund on environmental protection. The content of assessment invovles multiple aspects, such as surface water quality reaching standard, air quality, grass and forest coverage, total amount control of pollutant, drinking water sources protection and so on.
As one of the 47 key cities for the environmental protection as well as one of the 113 key cities for the control of air pollution, Lhasa has been keeping its excellent and good rate of atmospheric environment quality over 90 percents since 2000.
By: Megan

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