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Tibet’s strives to build modern vegetable industry
update:January 04,2018
By:China Tibet News
Jan. 4, 2018 -- To build modern vegetable industry with plateau characteristics, the Agricultural and Pastoral Department of Tibet Autonomous Region will take advantage of special agricultural resources and conditions, ensure adequate vegetable supply, increase incomes for farmers and herdsmen, improve the quality of people, upgrade vegetable quality, and reduce costs, so as to improve vegetable's comprehensive benefits and market competitiveness. Besides, Tibet strives to produce 1 million tons of vegetable by 2020.
During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Tibet will accelerate the construction of vegetable production bases, make full use of barren bottomland and slopes, develop  advanced technologies such as non-soil cultivation, vigorously develop vegetable production, gradually expand vegetable planting area, and continuously improve vegetable supply. By 2020, Tibet aims to increase the area of vegetable cultivation to more than 450,000 mu.
In addition, Tibet will further strengthen information monitoring of vegetable production, guide the scientific arrangement of vegetable production in various cities, and reasonably arrange vegetable's breed structure and regional layout. Technical training for vegetable production will also be held so as to effectively improve the production technology of vegetable growers.
Besides, special campaigns on quality and safety of agricultural products will be continually carried out to ensure that people can eat free-pollutant vegetable.
By: Zhi Xinghua

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