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Watching Tibetan opera during Shoton Festival
update:August 28,2017
By:China Tibet Online

Aug. 28, 2017 -- From August 21 to 27 the "Sixth Tibetan Opera Exhibition"is taking place at Norbulingka Park and Dzongyab Lukhang Park in Lhasa, capital city of southwest Chin'a Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibetan opera is a world intangible cultural heritage, which is famous around the world for using legendary stories that distinguish good from bad, melodious singing and bold and unrestrained figures. It is also called the "living fossil of Tibetan culture”. Tibetan opera not only contains a lot of Tibetan cultural elements, but also reflects Tibetan people's notion of doing good and discarding evil, and the pursuit of the values of a happy life.

In recent years Tibet has made increasing efforts to support the Tibetan opera team and the only professional opera troupe. The Tibetan opera team has developed from less than 50  to over 140. There has been greater focus on protection and heritage of Tibetan opera's traditional plays, as well as producing lots of innovative plays. These are not only popular with the elderly, but have also attracted many young people and children.

Watching Tibetan opera during Shoton Festival originated in the late 17th century. During this year's Shoton Festival nearly 400 Tibetan opera artists and professional actors from all over Tibet showcased the protection achievements and unique charm of Tibetan opera art, by providing a seven-day cultural feast for domestic and foreign audiences. |About Us|Contact Us |Site Maps|
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