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US experts hail China’s experience in epidemic fight
update:March 11,2020
March 11,2020 -- The virus-related information that Chinese medical researchers shared is of vital importance, and their US counterparts are learning from it, experts from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) said in an interview with Xinhua.
During the interview, Robert Scully, professor at the Department of Infectious Disease and Public Health, UCSD, spoke highly of China’s experience in fighting the novel coronavirus, saying that Chinese medical researchers shared a series of important information, including the virus’ biological and molecular epidemiological information, and information related to monoclonal antibody, which is marvelous.
Also serving as the editor-in-chief of the journal Clinical infectious diseases, Scully told Xinhua that the journal receives more than 15 COVID-19-related papers that Chinese researchers submitted per day on average. 
Chinese scientists and medical workers shared a great deal of important information, helping the world better confront the epidemic, said Scully.
Scully praised China’s efforts to control the epidemic, saying the intervention measures that the Chinese government adopted have proven effective, and the epidemic in China has been basically contained.
The US medical researchers are learning from China to curb the spread of the epidemic in the US, Scully added.
Pradeep Khosla, chancellor of the UCSD, also commended Chinese researchers’ work, saying the virus-related information they shared is crucial to fight the disease.
The epidemic reminded us how important it is to carry out international cooperation on science and public health, said the chancellor.
By:Jia Puyu
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