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World appreciates China’s contribution, calling for cooperation to fight COVID-19
update:March 10,2020
March 10,2020 -- People from all walks of life across the world have spoken positively of China's progress in controlling the novel coronavirus while expressing appreciation for China's contributions to helping other countries fight the epidemic.
China sets an example for the world
They all say China has not only managed to contain the virus inside the country, but also effectively curbed the spread of the outbreak across the world. And China’s sharing of experience on epidemic prevention and control with the international community in an open manner sets an example for the world on united efforts against global challenges.
China shows great courage, solidarity and resilience in the face of large-scale public health emergency, and the experience China gains in the fight against the epidemic is worth learning, said Julio Lopez, vice minister of health of Ecuador.
China carried out large-scale actions to test and quarantine the infected and suspected patients as early as possible, effectively curbing the spread of the virus, said professor Mohammed Zaki, the finder of the Patient Zero of MERS-CoV. 
China has made unimaginable great efforts in such a short time, effectively slowing down the spread of the virus worldwide, former ambassador of Belarus to China Anatoly Tozik said.
Since the beginning of the outbreak, China has been putting people's health and well-being first and taking a series of measures including sharing information and effective solutions, said Christine Bier, researcher with the Schiller Institute.
The Chinese government has decisively taken a series of effective measures to curb the spread of the virus, adding that the pays and sacrifice of the Chinese people in fighting against the epidemic should be remembered, the dean of Department of Political Science, University of Texas at San Antonio said.
China has conducted active international cooperation, including its timely sharing of relevant information with the world, effectively reducing the negative influence that the epidemic brings to the economy, said Jose Rovaina, researcher of the Center for International Political Studies of Cuba.
China has promptly reacted to the epidemic and shared its research with public health institutions and organizations of other countries, making a great contribution to the epidemic prevention and control worldwide, said Juliana Gonzale, an Argentine expert on international issues.
Senegalese expert on China-Africa relations Ali Diouf spoke highly of China’s great efforts in fighting the epidemic, saying that China has gone through a very hard time, and the patriotism that the Chinese people have shown in the fight deeply impressed me.
Nasser Busiba, chairman of the China- African Cooperation and Development Association applauded the measures China has taken in the face of the epidemic, saying that these measures have effectively curbed the spread of the virus.
Working together to fight the epidemic
COVID-19 is a common challenge for all human beings. Countries across the world should stand together to fight against the epidemic.
Reched Ghannouchi, speaker of Tunisia's national assembly, expressed appreciation for China’s efforts and progress in controlling the epidemic, saying that Tunisia is willing to work with China to curb the spread of the virus. 
No single country can defeat the disease individually, and all of us should fight shoulder by shoulder, said Tajudin Raj, head of the Institute of Public Health, African Center for Disease Control.
Infectious disease is a common issue that all mankind faces, so countries worldwide should help each other and cooperate with each other, Wang Xianen, associate professor of Internal Medicine, Juntendo University said, adding that only if all countries make concerted efforts can we win the battle against the novel coronavirus.
Indian Sinologist Deepak pointed out that the contagious ability of the virus and the epidemic spreading speed alert us that countries around the world need to strengthen mutual assistance and collaboration to fight together.
Michael Baker, epidemiologist and public health consultant for New Zealand Ministry of Health, called on the world community to further strengthen the share of the virus-related data and cooperation in controlling the epidemic.
Kazakhstan political commentator Mukanov said that China has been trying the best to safeguard the life and health of people around the world, which is worth respecting. Viruses do not respect borders; neither do they distinguish between races or nations. Therefore, responsible governments worldwide should stand firmly against hatred and racism, and join hands to promote disease prevention and clinical treatment as well as vaccine development.
By:Jia Puyu
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