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Int'l community hails China's contribution to world development
update:July 02,2018
UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed praised China's achievements in reducing poverty as "tremendous," saying the success provides "multiple lessons" for other developing countries.
"This success in reaching the millennium development goal target of reducing poverty rates by half has contributed to poverty reduction globally," she said.
For future development, China's strategic wisdom will continue to boost global growth and contribute to peace and stability around the world.
Chinese President Xi Jinping's vision to build a community with shared future for humanity is compatible with people's aspirations for peace and stability in the contemporary world, said Bhim Rawal, a standing committee member of the ruling Nepal Communist Party.
"The concept of community of shared future for humanity is a new paradigm in international relation theory, for it conceptualizes the world and world order based on mutual trust, mutual respect, equality and pursuit of shared development," echoed B. R. Deepak, Sinologist and professor with the Center of Chinese and Southeast Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in India.
Jose Luis Robaina, a professor at Cuba's Center for International Policy Research, said the CPC has demonstrated "great powers of recovery" and "regeneration."
Xi's strong leadership and strategic vision have won him admirers both at home and abroad, he said. At the same time, his grasp of global affairs and defense of multilateralism are allowing China to take its place on the world stage.
"Xi is proposing new rules of global governance, a new form of inclusive globalization, a relationship of respect and a stable world without wars in which disputes are resolved through dialogue," he said.
(Xinhua reporters Rong Jiaojiao, Liu Hongxia, Yu Qiongyuan, Zhang Zhongkai in Beijing, Zhang Yongxing in Suva, Jin Jing in London, Xu Xiaolei in New York, Hu Xiaoming in New Delhi and Raimundo Urrechaga in Havana contributed to this article.)
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