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Bulgarian official urges EU to strengthen preparedness for increase in migration pressure
update:October 26,2017

SOFIA, Oct.26,2017-- Bulgaria's Deputy Interior Minister Krasimir Tsipov said here Tuesday the European Union (EU) should take measures to strengthen its preparedness for an inevitable increase in migratory pressure.

There are four main causes and drivers of international migration flows, said Tsipov when addressing a conference on the refugee crisis and the development of migration processes.

First, the wars, including civil wars and local conflicts, Tsipov said.

Second, economic and financial contrasts, he said.

"Third, social and economic development of the so-called developing countries, which allows more people to move compared to earlier periods of time," Tsipov said.

And fourth, the demographic imbalance that led to the movement of people from poorer countries with a young and rising population to richer countries with an aging population, he said.

"None of these factors are expected to disappear soon. On the contrary. Their expansion is expected," Tsipov said.

Therefore, without falling into an unnecessary panic, the EU would have to strengthen its preparedness for an increase in migratory pressure, Tsipov said.

To address the issue, the EU needed joint solidarity actions, that would be well coordinated between member states and all European institutions, he said.

In particular, the EU had to build good contacts with countries of origin and transit to ensure the return of migrants, and provide financial support and investment to these countries in order to stop the economic migrant flow, Tsipov said.

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