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Some false claims from US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2019
By:China Daily
update:March 09,2020
On Nurmehmet Tohti
March 9,2020 -- False claim: The famous writer was found dead in a "detention camp".
Fact: Nurmehmet was never held in a so-called detention camp when he was alive. He had been living at home since his retirement. He died of heart attack on June 1, 2019, his son said.
On Zharqynbek Otan
False claim: He was detained in Xinjiang before going to Kazakhstan.
Fact: Before going to Kazakhstan in November 2018, Zharqynbek had been living with his family. He was never detained, nor had he ever studied at any vocational education and training center, his father and sister said.
On Sayragul Sauytbay
False claim: She told foreign media that she was forced to work at the "detention camp" before running away from China.
Fact: Before Sayragul went to Kazakhstan, she had been staying with her family. She had never been to, let alone worked at, any vocational education and training center, her sister said. Sayragul, a former primary schoolteacher, asked for leave in April 2018 and never returned, the school's head master said.
On Abdughappar Abdurusul
False claim: The businessman was sentenced to death for going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia without approval.
Fact: Abdughappar been specializing in foreign trade business for more than 20 years. He said the claim of him being sentenced to death is a lie, and he is furious about it.
On Mutellip Murmehmet
False claim: He died nine days after graduating from the vocational education and training center.
Fact: Mutellip died of an alcohol-related illness. He had never attended a vocational education and training center, his father said. The family is still grieving his death, and people should stop making up lies about him, Mutellip's wife said.
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