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China unveils 10 major steps forward in child welfare, protection in 2019
update:December 20,2019
BEIJING, Dec. 20, 2019 -- Two Chinese institutions have released a list of 10 major events in 2019 regarding progress made in child welfare and protection, China Youth Daily reported Thursday.
The 10 events, marking several "firsts" and the establishment of industrial standards, were published by the China Association of Social Welfare and Senior Service and the Family and Child Research Center of Beijing Normal University.
Included in the list is the establishment of the child welfare bureau under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, which is the first bureau dedicated to such affairs in the ministry. The move is a milestone in the development of child welfare in the country, the newspaper reported.
The release of documents concerning social security for orphans and abandoned children, assessment standards for foster care for children, and the protection of children's online personal information, are also included.
The coverage of child welfare has expanded from the protection of orphans, abandoned children or children with disabilities to every child, which demonstrates the progress made in China's child welfare system, Liu Jitong, professor with the School of Public Health at Peking University, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.
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