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Over 2,700 invited to supervise procuratorial work since September
update:December 19,2019
Dec.19,2019 --  Over 2,700 people's supervisors were invited to monitor the handling of cases by China's procuratorial organs from September to mid-November following an August adjustment on the scope of such supervision, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP).
The people's supervisors are selected from the public and appointed by procuratorial organs and justice authorities to supervise procuratorial work.
Before the new rule, public supervision was limited to cases of duty-related crimes handled by the procuratorial organs. Such cases, however, are now handled by supervisory commissions.
The SPP regulation issued in August stipulated that people's supervisors exercise supervision over procuratorial work by participating in activities including public hearings and examination of cases, court trials with the presence of prosecutors, circuit prison inspections, and the issuance and implementation of procuratorial suggestions. They can also provide advice and suggestions on procuratorial work through other means.
The practice has proven effective, said the SPP, giving the example of public hearings of complicated cases, where people's supervisors' presence provided valuable third-party perspectives.
"Inviting people's supervisors to attend public hearings is a new approach of the procuratorial organs to listen to public opinion," said Hao Chunli, a people's supervisor and lawyer practicing in Beijing.
Since 2003, more than 70,000 people's supervisors have been appointed, with over 20,000 currently holding the post. The number of cases involving people's supervisors has exceeded 60,000. 
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