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Disability inclusion practices shared at China Disability Policy Dialogue
update:December 04,2018
BEIJING, Dec. 4, 2018 -- Innovative practices of helping people with disabilities better integrate into society were shared at the China Disability Policy Dialogue held in Beijing Monday, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
More than 80 government officials, experts, representatives of companies and organizations and people with disabilities attended the dialogue, which is part of the United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) China Program.
UN Resident Coordinator in China Nicholas Rosellini highlighted China's progress in upholding equal rights of disabled people, and said "it is our objective that persons with disabilities are empowered to fully and equally participate in China's development process, so that the Sustainable Development Goals are realized not only for persons with disabilities but also by and with persons with disabilities."
The dialogue also promoted the Global Business and Disability Network China Chapter, a platform where the disabled can apply for jobs at international and national companies.
The network, launched in July, currently offers job positions at 16 companies including Airbus, IBM, J.P. Morgan and Standard Chartered.
Li Weixing, a manager of Chinese tech firm Xiaomi, elaborated on the company's information accessibility technology that enables a visually-impaired person to use cell phones using just their voice.
He also announced that the company would share with others the experience of developing the technology and work with others to further optimize it.
You Liang, director general of International Affairs Department of China Disabled Persons' Federation, summarized China's work in promoting disability inclusion and introduced a database that has collected the names, education and employment background of around 34 million disabled people.
"Through this database, we can better help those who registered to find jobs or apply for schools," You said.
Problems were also discussed at the dialogue, including discrimination and exclusion by individuals and employers, and institutions and companies failing to implement disability inclusion policies.
"The awareness of disability inclusion has been increasing around the world, and it requires China to respond in a more positive and robust way," said Marielza Oliveira, director and representative of the UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office and chair of the UN Sub-group on Disability.
China has 85 million disabled people.
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