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Xi stresses revitalization of northeast China
update:September 29,2018

SOEs should also make reforms and innovation and constantly improve and develop themselves, Xi noted.

He urged consistency in upholding the Party leadership over SOEs and in advancing SOE reforms in order to achieve development of higher quality and better efficiency with improved structure.

Also in Liaoyang, Xi visited a private industrial enterprise, where he stressed that China adopts a basic economic system in which public ownership is the mainstay of the economy and economic entities of diverse ownership develop together.

"Private enterprises should strengthen their confidence," he said, noting that the CPC Central Committee has always supported and encouraged the development of the private economy and has rolled out a slew of reforms to help the sector develop since the 18th CPC National Congress.

Xi urged efforts to create a sound legal and business environment for private enterprises, protect their rights and interests in accordance with the law and work to encourage, support, and guide the development of the non-public sector.

On Friday, Xi visited a memorial hall for Lei Feng, a soldier well-known in China for his generosity and altruistic deeds, in the city of Fushun, Liaoning, where Lei served in the army.

Calling Lei "a model of the time" and the Lei Feng spirit "ever-lasting," Xi said more models of the time are needed to achieve national rejuvenation.

"We should learn from Lei's spirit and practices to turn lofty ideals, convictions and moral qualities into concrete actions in ordinary life and work, and make our due contributions so as to carry on the Lei Feng spirit for generations," he said.

While inspecting a coal mine in Fushun, Xi said well-conceived assessments should be made to comprehensively improve the conditions of areas affected by coal mining-induced subsidence.

He then visited a community relocated from the subsidence-affected area and chatted with residents, noting that he is very much concerned about the transition and development of resource-exhausted cities.

Xi said it is necessary and worthwhile for the CPC Central Committee to make significant investments into rebuilding shanty towns and improving the conditions of subsidence-affected areas.

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