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Poverty points system brings better future for rural poor
update:July 06,2018
"Those small products are very common things, however, they matter a lot for poor households, which can reduce some burdens for them," said Jiang Yan, owner of the supermarket.
Wei Xinfeng, an official of the poverty alleviation and development office of Dunhua City said some "poverty relief shops" scattered in the city were open inside some supermarkets, while others were in the office buildings of local village committees.
"Supermarkets and village committees offer places to those shops for free. Goods for exchange are purchased by the government's special anti-poverty funds," said Wei, adding that registered poor households are eligible for exchanging goods in the shops.
The city plans to invest two million yuan in poverty relief shops this year.
"The method aims to encourage poor people to work and create a better life for themselves," Wei added.
"For those elderly or disabled poor people, they can easily get some points within their power, such as by cleaning village roads, collecting litter, or even cleaning their own houses. It is a way to give the poor incentives to improve their living environment," said Sun Dongsheng, deputy mayor of Tumen City.
In Dongxing Village, poor villagers can not only use points to exchange goods, they can also receive dividends from the collective economy based on how many points they get, as the village is developing flower and mushroom growing.
"I can earn 60 points for an hour of weeding. Poor people as old as me can simply make some money. I see a bright future," said villager Wang Shurong, who is in her 70s.
"Poor residents are expected to earn 2,000 to 3,000 yuan more every year because of the new method, meanwhile, they can also make some contribution to the development of the village," said local official Wu Chunmei.
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