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MFA: China regrets U.S. withdrawal from Human Rights Council
By:Ministry of Foreign Affairs
update:June 21,2018
June 21,2018-- Q: With regard to the US withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, the US side called the council a cesspool of political bias and accused China and other member countries of human rights abuses. What is your response? Regarding the China-US relations, will the Chinese side propose trade talks to the US? Peter Navarro, the director of the White House National Trade Council said that the US is open to trade talks and that if a trade war broke out, China would suffer more losses than the US. What is your response?
A: First of all, I will take your first question on the US withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). As I said just now, the UNHRC, established on the mandate of the UN General Assembly, is an important venue for all parties to carry out human rights dialogue and cooperation and jointly promote the development of the human rights cause through exchanges and mutual learning. It is highly valued by all parties. The US' attitude towards the UNHRC has aroused dissatisfaction from most countries around the world. The US side knows it fully well.
The US pointed fingers at the human rights conditions in China and other countries. It is in total disregard of facts. It is impossible for people without prejudice to lose sight of the remarkable progress made by China in its human rights cause.
As to your second question, the Chinese side has made formal responses to the tariff lists announced by the US. I only want to stress that dialogue outweighs confrontation with regard to the relevant trade issues. We always advocate that our two sides should properly resolve these issues through dialogue and negotiation. China and the US have held three rounds of trade talks and achieved some progress. During these talks, China has demonstrated full sincerity and goodwill. China won't initiate a trade war, but we are definitely not afraid of one. If someone is bent on waging a trade war, then we will resolutely uphold our legitimate and lawful rights and interests. We will fight to the finish, which we have said many times before.
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