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City books a cleaner future for its children
By:China Daily
update:June 08,2018

June 8, 2018 -- Students learn how to classify wastes on a class. [Whang Zhuangfei/China Daily]

In 2016, it began conducting research to reinforce environmental education, and undertaking pilot programs.
In February, as the spring semester began, the local education authority and other official bodies made The First Class, a television documentary that focused on environmental protection. The program has been seen by every school student in the city.
Last year, the city's Yiling and Xiling districts conducted pilot programs into environmental education and wrote their own textbooks.
"All the materials come from the local community, which the students are familiar with. That's more persuasive. If the textbook was about pollution in Japan or the United States, the students would not have any connection with it, and that would reduce the impact it would have on them," said Wang Hongjun, from the Yiling district education bureau.
Students will gain knowledge and greater awareness by studying local examples, such as testing the water quality in the Huangbai River, which runs through Yiling, and touring the Three Gorges Dam, which is just outside of Yichang.
Many have already benefited from the pilot programs.
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