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Changes help more disabled students to take gaokao
By:China Daily
update:June 07,2018

June 7, 2018 -- Huang Huan, a double amputee from Sichuan, is carried from the exam room by her father.Wang Chuanyuan/xu Qing/for China Daily
Extra time
Having submitted several applications to the local examining authority, Han was also allowed to take each test in a separate room, away from the other students. Moreover, as she entered the room Han was informed that the time allotted for the tests would be extended by 30 percent.
"The extra time was a great help to me because I write very slowly," she said.
While welcome, the added duration also had a downside. During the final 30 minutes of the Chinese language exam, Han began to tremble uncontrollably as a result of writing for 145 minutes without a break, which posed a huge physical challenge.
"I did not tell the teacher about the trembling because I was busy filling in the answer sheet. I knew the answers to the questions, and I was not going to let my physical condition hold me back," she said.
"I'm glad I took the exam because it gave me the opportunity to compete with the other students."
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