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11 statistics on China’s achievements since reform and opening up
update:May 14,2018
May 14, 2018 -- An article published by a German website on May 7 listed 11 statistics on the achievements China has made since the policy of reform and opening up was adopted 40 years ago.
1. By December, 2016, China had 695 million mobile internet users and the number of QR-code payment users was expected to reach almost 500 million.
2. There are 286 million rural migrant workers across China. Official statistics in 2016 show 52.9 percent of the workers were engaged in the manufacturing industry and 46.7 percent in the service industry.
3. China has 15 cities with a population of more than 5 million while Europe has only 3.
4. China has a foreign exchange reserve of 3.14 trillion US dollars while US has 125 billion.
5. 115 Chinese companies are among the Fortune Global 500.
6. 8,330 international patents were filed by China in 2017, ranking 5th in the world. 
7. Over 70% of toys worldwide are produced in China, according to IBIS World. The value of toy exports in China reaches over 10 billion US dollars every year and the industry creates 607,000 jobs for China.
8. Per capita emissions of carbon dioxide exceeded 7 tons in 2016. China has been making efforts to develop renewable energy.
9. Over 100 million people in China are becoming new middle class. The total assets of China’s middle class have exceeded 7 trillion US dollars, surpassing the assets of the counterparts in France, Germany and the UK.
10. China plans to build a 30,000 km high-speed railway network before 2020. High-speed railway, as a symbol of China’s high technology, has been playing an important role in China’s economic development.
11. China’s university students doubled in number between 2004 and 2014. There were over 25.47 million college students in 2014.
By: Shi Dongdong
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