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China improves sexual and reproductive health of adolescents
update:December 19,2017
Dec. 19, 2017 -- A stack of measures have been taken in China to educate adolescents about sexual and reproductive health, said the China Family Planning Association.
Statistics shows that there are 230 million adolescents aged 10 to 24 in China and 20 million of them are university students. 
The increasing cases of cohabitation, premarital pregnancy and artificial abortion among college students, and the rising risks of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV have attracted wide attention.
According to the National Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Adolescents (2016-2025), strengthening publicity and education, and promoting intervening measures are vital to reduce the incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
Yao Ying, Vice-President of the China Family Planning Association, said that the relative units will organize activities on health education such as speech competitions, knowledge contests, debates and flash mobbing on campus. 
The units will explore more methods to encourage social communities to care more about the health and development of adolescents, she added.
By:Ma Yangyang
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