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Cybersecurity to be further strengthened
By:China Daily
update:December 04,2017
Timeline of regulations
November 2016
·The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passes China's first Cybersecurity Law.
· It allows authorities to take action against overseas individuals or organizations that harm China's interests.
June 1, 2017
· The Cybersecurity Law comes into effect.
· Information and important data in key fields should be protected, as well as "sensitive" infrastructure, telecommunications services and the financial sector.
· A ban on online service providers collecting personal information from users that is irrelevant to the services they provide.
· Personal information should be obtained in accordance with relevant laws.
August 2017
·China's Cyberspace Administration, or CCA, adopts supplementary regulations based on the Cybersecurity Law.
·Service providers must take responsibility for reviewing and supervising online information and forums.
· Online forum users must be registered under their real names.
·Internet administrators should increase supervision on online comments.
· Illegal comments should not be published.
·People who publish illegal comments should be named on a blacklist.
September 2017
·CCA issues new supplementary regulations based on the Cybersecurity Law.
·Social media and internet group chats, such as WeChat, QQ and Weibo, come under new regulations.
·Groups that post illegal content, such as pornography, violence, terrorism-related offenses and false information, will have their accounts closed or suspended.
·The groups' founders will have their credit ratings lowered, their management rights suspended and put on a blacklist.
October 2017
·CCA adopts further supplementary regulations based on the Cybersecurity Law.
·The behavior of employees working for online news service providers comes under new regulations.
· Staff members to receive regular training.
·Those posting improper information will be named on a blacklist.
·While developing new internet technologies, news service providers must safeguard national security and public interest.
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