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All-out efforts for long-term development and stability of Tibet: Wu Yingjie
By:China Tibet Online
update:April 16,2018

April 16, 2018 -- “We will never allow one inch of land in Tibet to be separated from China; we will not see one poor person to be left behind; and we will never develop the economy at the expense of the environment.” Wu Yingjie, Party chief of the Tibet Autonomous Region, said in an interview recently, addressing that all-out efforts should be made for the long-term development and stability of Tibet.

Reporter: How will Tibet implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s strategic concept, “govern the nation by governing the borders, govern the borders by first stabilizing Tibet”, ensure social harmony and stability in Tibet, and strengthen the development of border regions?

Wu Yingjie: Tibet is an important border area and ethnic region of China with its border more than 4,000 kilometers long. It is the front line in the struggle against separatism and has the glorious mission to safeguard stability and promote harmony, which must always be our top priority.We will never allow one inch of land in Tibet to be separated from China. Thus, it is necessary to uphold the concept of inclusiveness, strengthen contact, exchange, and communication among all ethnic groups in tourism and other industries, and promote national unity. We should keep people-centered developmental mindset and further enhance people’s sense of well-being by attaching great importance to the livelihoods issue such as as orienting capital and projects towards the grassroots level, making efforts to employ university graduates, carrying out free education for 15 years, etc.

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