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Tibet focuses on high-quality development that is beneficial to people’s livelihood
By:China Tibet Online
update:March 12,2018
Mar. 12, 2018 -- "The gross domestic product of Tibet in 2017 reached 131.06 billion yuan (20.71 billion US dollars), increasing by 10%, while the per capita income of rural residents has exceeded 10,000 yuan (1,580 US dollars)," said Qi Zhala (Che Dhalha), a deputy to the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) and chairman of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, at a plenary meeting held by the delegation from the region to the 13th NPC on March 8, which is also open to media.
In recent years, Tibet has maintained a high-speed development, with the economy achieving double-digit growth rate for 25 consecutive years.
While developing rapidly, Tibet has also attached great importance to the quality of development.
In response to a question from an Economic Daily reporter, Qi Zhala said that in order to achieve high-quality development, Tibet had to correctly manage the relation between state investment and social investment, and the relation between major projects and projects for livelihood as well as other relations. He believes that managing these relations well will help solve several important contradictions that arise during development.
"Tibet's high quality of development should benefit all rural and nomadic people," Qi Zhala said.
In future, Tibet will focus on developing seven industries, including highland biotechnology, characteristic tourism, environmentally-friendly industries, clean energy, modern services, high-tech and digital industries, and border trade logistics.
"These industrial layouts are all based on people-centered development concept  and built on foundations of strictly protecting the environment, to ensure that Tibet's development is not only the growth of GDP but also benefiting people's livelihoods and the environment,"  Qi Zhala said.
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