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Five points to understand Tibet's poverty alleviation fight
By:China Tibet Online
update:October 16,2017


Oct. 16, 2017 --Through the establishment of archives, and accurate identification of those requiring help, the number of poverty-stricken people has reduced by more than 500,000 in the last four years.

The Tibet Autonomous Region's Poverty Alleviation Office has gradually established a targeted poverty alleviation system, whereby the causes of poverty are analyzed and the limited special funds are used on the poor people.

Tibet explores the practice of "the rich helping the poorer to wealth", and uses the capable people as one of the main driving forces of poverty alleviation.

Tsering, deputy director of the Lhasa Poverty Alleviation Office, said, "these capable people have experience, skills and the mind, and also have the ability to help the poor escape poverty. With some help they are running a series of projects, which can provide the poor families with an income salary as well as a bonus and other secure incomes. The results are clear to see.”


Poor people rely on industrial development to stimulate increased income. Up until July 2017, Tibet helped 34,000 people out of poverty through industry poverty alleviation and the beneficiaries of industry poverty alleviation reached more than 130,000 people.

Tibet Autonomous Region started from a practical standpoint by choosing the five major industries as the focus of poverty alleviation: planting industry, aquaculture industry, livestock products processing industry, ethnic handicraft industry and the tourism industry. Taking Lhasa as an example, from 2011 to 2014 there were a total of 692 poverty alleviation development projects and investment of 716 million yuan (109 million US dollars), helping increase per capita disposable income of farmers and herdsmen by 16.63% to 9,258 yuan (1,447 US dollars) in 2014.

Tibet's industry poverty alleviation has had a far-reaching impact. In the "China National Human Development Report 2016", published by the United Nations Development Programme, Tibet's exploration into "educating" over "giving" is used as an example. It offers high praise to Tibet's 5100 Mineral Water Co., Ltd. for developing advantageous industries while supporting poverty alleviation and achieving inclusive development, in accordance with local resources and conditions.

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