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Commentary: Indian military's seven "sins" in trespassing into Chinese territory
update:August 18,2017

Aug.10,2017--Nearly two months have passed since Indian troops illegally crossed the China-India boundary in Sikkim Sector, and there is no sign of withdrawal so far.

What the Indian side has done is committed seven "sins" against Chinese sovereignty and international law. These severe mistakes may trigger unpredictable consequences and greatly undermine regional peace and stability.

India's military trespassing is an infringement of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. On June 18, Indian border troops, carrying weapons and driving bulldozers, illegally crossed the boundary in the Sikkim Sector at the Duo Ka La (Doka La) pass and entered Chinese territory.

For almost two months, India has maintained its military presence in the Doklam area, a place recognized by both India and the international community as part of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Chinese sovereign territory.

It is fundamentally different in nature from past frictions between the border troops of the two sides at an undefined part of the boundary.

The blatant move contravenes the 1890 Convention between Great Britain and China Relating to Sikkim and Tibet, which has clearly delimited this part of the boundary between the Tibet Autonomous Region and India's Sikkim State.

Every Indian government since independence has confirmed the boundary as it stands under the Convention. It is hard to understand why India abandons its previous position at this time.

Once a boundary is established by a convention, it is under the protection of international law. It is obvious that India's military invasion, under the pretext of so-called "security concerns," tramples on the principles of the law as well as international order and cannot be tolerated by any sovereign state.

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