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Shannan City’s efforts on ecological protection
By:China Tibet News
update:August 29,2018
Aug.29,2018--In recent years, Shannan City, in southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has fully understood the importance of strengthening ecological environment protection, with the aim of promoting the relationship between environment protection and people's livelihood to get rid of poverty and become better for local villagers.
Shannan City held some activities such as voluntary tree planting as well as low-carbon cycling. These actions also raised local people’s awareness of environmental protection. In addition, Shannan City will carry out the evaluation systems of environmental construction and strengthen supervision, so as to further keep ecological balance.
At the same time, Shannan City has promoted the industrial upgrading and green economy to build a wonderful city. Furthermore, the ecological protection has always been regarded as the most important target in Shannan, so that the only national comprehensive sand prevention area has been built. The plantation area has passed over 1.5 million; and forest coverage rate has reached 24.79% so far. The work of construction on the "Ecological Corridor" in the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River has been accelerated. Now the ecological civilization area is basically finished.
By:Liu Fang, He Huizhong
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