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Vegetation rate of natural grassland in Tibet estimated to be 45.2%
By:China Tibet News
update:February 26,2018
Feb.26,2018--In 2017, the comprehensive vegetation coverage rate of natural grassland in Tibet was estimated to reach 45.2%, increasing 2.8% than 2012. The grass output of natural grassland has exceeded 80 million tons for seven years in a row. In 2016, the grass output of natural grassland exceeded 90 million tons, while it reached 97.056 million tons in 2017. The vegetation of natural grassland is being gradually restored and getting better, laying a solid foundation for realizing the goal of “the comprehensive vegetation coverage rate of grassland reaching 47% by 2020”.
Tibet is one of the six largest pastoral provinces in China. The area of natural grassland is 1.334 billion mu, accounting for 22% of the total grassland area in China and 72% of the total land area in Tibet. In recent years, under the support of relevant ministries and commissions of the state as well as with local government's great attention, the grassland ecological protection work of Tibet Autonomous Region has achieved remarkable results.
The grassland supervision system is basically sound. The grassland laws and regulations system is improved day by day. Grassland law enforcement and supervision work is constantly strengthened. Relevant policies on grassland ecological protection is effectively implemented. Grassland monitoring and forecasting information is issued in time. Therefore, the grassland ecological environment is improved and the productivity level is risen steadily. The utilization of grassland is more reasonable and the comprehensive vegetation coverage of grassland is greatly enhanced.
In recent years, Tibet’s grassland supervision departments have thoroughly implemented the concept of green development, actively adapted to the new requirements of ecological civilization construction, positively raised the awareness of the importance and urgency of promoting the reform of grassland ecological civilization system, and comprehensively and efficiently completed the monitoring work of natural grassland.
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