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Xi inspires villagers to protect river headwaters
By:China Daily
update:October 05,2017

Oct. 5, 2017 -- More than 3,000 Tibetan antelopes stopped under the shadow of the Wudaoliang North Bridge on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. After a few hesitant minutes, the antelopes passed through the shadow to continue their migratory journey.

The scene was observed in real time by Li Hongqi on his computer through a high-definition monitoring system as he sat in his office in Xining, Qinghai province, on the morning of Aug 8.

"We know the Tibetan antelopes will come in July and leave in August on certain dates, but this was the largest single group we saw through the monitoring system," said Li, head of the Qinghai Environmental Information Center.

A year earlier, he had shown President Xi Jinping the same system, with live views of the source of the Yellow River, the Wudaoliang bridge and other locations that the environmental information center monitors.

Xi visited Qinghai province on Aug 23 and 24 of last year and talked with grassroots cadres and environmental protection officials at two ecological monitoring sites via video from the information center.

Xi emphasized the importance of protecting the environment of the source region of three great rivers — the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang — and asked the environmental protection controllers to fulfill their duties to safeguard the lakes, grasslands, rivers, wild animals and other ecological resources of the province.

Tashi Tsering, one of the controllers, lives in the village of Changjiangyuan and drives more than 1,000 kilometers on each of the trips he makes to patrol his jurisdiction near the Tuotuo River. He carries tents and food for the trip, which usually takes three days.

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