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Economic development without environment damage: Tibet
By:China Tibet Online
update:May 10,2017
In 2016, Tibet invested a total of 8.4 billion yuan in the afforestation project along the river valley of the "Six Rivers", and over 56 thousand hectares of trees was planted.
At present, water and air environment in Tibet is in very good condition. To be specific, the water in rivers, lakes and underground is all of first or second rate quality, and the air quality is consistently good.  
Economic development without environment damage
"Pure Land" is resource as well as a name card. In 2014, Lhasa, capital of Tibet launched the Pure Land health industry and started promoting organic agricultural production. After a couple of years, the industry has already become one of the pillar industries in Tibet, alongside the cultural and tourism industry. In 2016, the industry generated a total output of 10 billion yuan. In addition, 17 categories of "Lhasa Pure Land" trademarks have received their trademark registration certificates, covering nine leading industries including pharmaceuticals, jewelry, food, beverages and others.
In the Zhizhao Pure Land Health Industrial Park in Lhasa's Chengguan District, there is China's highest modern ecological ranch. In the high-level modern dairy farming center, there are over 2000 cows with a daily milk production of seven tons. The center has established a waste recycling system, helping it achieve zero emissions from waste. It is also producing high-quality bio-organic fertilizer to be used for the organic crops in the industrial park. The Tibetan eggs often eaten by people inf Lhasa, the fresh milk they drink in the morning, and the vegetables bought just outside their residential area all originate from this industrial park.
"Development in protection and protection through development", this is the development idea of Tibet.  Lhasa Pure Land is only an epitome of the development of Tibet's green economy. During the 50 years since the establishment of Tibet Autonomous Region, it has seen rapid economy development with persistent environmental protection.
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