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Lhasa strengthens urban environmental management to welcome the 3rd tourism, culture expo
update:August 08,2016

Aug.8,2016--To create a good urban environment for the 3rd China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo, Lhasa City positively carries out the comprehensive environmental management work. In terms of outdoor advertising, festival decoration, comprehensive improvement of municipal facilities, environmental hygiene, law enforcement and security work of city management, corresponding work is arranged. At present, schemes on setting, color strip and flag are confirmed and Lhasa Pure Land Media Co., LTD is responsible for the decoration work.

Comprehensive improvement of outdoor advertising

Since July 19, the comprehensive screening work on outdoor advertising has been carried out. As for indecent advertisements, photos are taken and they are ordered to make rectification.

It is said that 150 indecent advertisements are rectified. At the same time, broken lanterns on main roads are also repaired or changed.

Comprehensive improvement of environmental hygiene

Tibetan incense that can be used for half an year has been sent to all public toilets in Lhasa City. At the same time, 2 tons garbage on green belts, 5 tons stones on roads and streets, and 15 tons incense ashes are cleaned. In addition, warning signs such as “No garbage here” are set up in some places. 6955 pieces of small advertisement,  illegal ad known as"city psoriasis", are cleared up.

Comprehensive improvement of municipal facilities

From July 22 to 27, people are sent to patrol for municipal facilities along the Yutuo Road so as to handle problems in time. In addition, the rain-water pipelines on some roads are replaced and sewers are dredged. Lamp replacement work and pavement maintenance work are also underway.

It is said that 31 floating vendors and 64 shops outside shops are cleaned up. 204 cases are dealt with through summary procedure. 8 cases of vagrants and beggars are handled with the cooperation of the Civil Affairs Department.

By:Zhi Xinghua

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