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Tibet punished companies violating environmental laws
By:China Tibet Online
update:June 15,2016

June 15,2016--In 2015, each level of the Tibet Environment Department maintained construction of a project for cleaning up and clearing violations of laws and regulations, dispatching more than 3,100 environmental law enforcement personnel. During which it investigated 2,458 businesses and there at found a whole sleuth of Enterprises violating environmental laws and regulations.

In 2015 the Tibet Environment Department discovered 73 construction companies violating laws and 185 enterprises violating pollution laws and furthermore it demanded 41 to stop production altogether while asking 319 others to make reformations and furthermore it asked 11 enterprises to fully shut for business, and during this process they also implemented administrative penalties for 39 companies, Hongxiang Zhuang, the Tibet Autonomous Region Environmental Department Vice head explained.

Hongxiang Zhuang stated that in order to strengthen Environmental supervision and enforcement allying of work systems last year the Tibet Autonomous Region Environment Department Alliance along with other related departments officially launched a series of exemplary documents and for the first time ever according to regulation sent information regarding violations of environmental laws related to a case surrounding the Tibet Yexin Mining Co., Ltd to the Ministry of Public Security for handling.

Benefiting from government emphasis in efforts by the Environmental Protection Department the Tibetan ecological environment quality has maintained a good status. The other day notice titled the “2015 Tibet Autonomous Region Environment Condition Report” was distributed reporting about all kinds of work in the regards of comprehensive ecological environment protection promotion in Tibet as well as pollution prevention/cleanup and radioactive material related environmental management. This report confirmed excellent conditions regarding the maintenance of sustainable environmental quality throughout Tibet.

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