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Happy children in Nyingchi Children’s Welfare Home
By:China Tibet News
update:June 05,2020
June 5,2020 -- Nearby the downtown of Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, there is a big family of over 400 children. Most of the children here have no parents, and some of them are disabled. However, with the good care of the "mothers" in the welfare house and the love of all walks of life, they grow up as happy as other children.
Stepping into Nyingchi Children's Welfare Home, everywhere is filled with rich atmosphere of a family -- bright and clean classrooms, warm and comfortable bedrooms, entertaining leisure areas…
During lunch time, children line up to the meal, under the guide of welfare home's teachers. On the wall of the dining room, there is a food menu from Monday to Sunday, with different kinds in each day.
A staff of the welfare home says, in addition to the essential nutrition, they make reasonable recipes according to seasons and food materials, and provide the children with fruit, milk, pastry and other nutritious food, to ensure their balance nutrition, so that they can eat safely and grow healthily.
"Teachers pick us up from and drop us off to school every day, the food is also good, and there are brothers and sisters to help us with our homework in the evening." Bumu, who is at her junior school, living a simple and happy life here. For her, the biggest dream is to study hard and give back to the society, the welfare home and the "mothers" who take good care of her after she grows up.
"This is a special group of children. We are not only their teachers and parents, but also friends. We need to raise them and make them feel the concern from the society as well." A responsible person of Nyingchi Children's Welfare Home introduces that, under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee & municipal government, as well as the help of relevant departments & all walks of life, the senses of gain, happiness and security of these abandoned children have become more substantial, secure and sustainable."
Last year, Nyingchi invested over 841,100 yuan RMB to implement a series of infrastructure construction for this welfare home, including the installation of infrared alarm system, outer protective fences, protective windows of children's dormitory building, abrasive floors of children's canteen, and the purchase of school bus's seat covers.
In addition, the welfare home often receives help from other units, enterprises and individuals. Last year, it has received over 40 times of condolences, with a total fund of 353,600 yuan RMB, food, clothing, stationery, and sporting goods.
"Every year we will get new clothes and shoes, so we're really thankful to those people who help us. In the future, I will help others too when I grow up." Ngawang Dekyi, a little girl in the welfare home, says sincerely as her friends are playing under the blue sky and white clouds happily. 
By:Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron
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