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Lhasa, Shannan and Nagqu’s animal husbandry level upgraded
By:China Tibet News
update:December 27,2019
Dec.27, 2019 -- In recent years, Lhasa, Shannan and Nagqu Cities of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region (T.A.R.) have taken the development of local animal husbandry economy as an important measure of poverty alleviation program. They have adopted different policies according to local conditions, promoted infrastructure construction, and built their local brands with their own livestock characteristics. Meanwhile, the production mode of their animal husbandry has been transformed from relying on the natural conditions to modern livestock farming, which have received an obvious effect.
Lhasa City has relied on the location advantage and invested 310 million yuan RMB to build a high-standard dairy processing plant; Shannan City has aimed at the lack of grass in the region's livestock economy development and built 9,333,333 ㎡ of artificial forage grass base; Nagqu City has taken the advantage of animal husbandry to establish a yak association, a farmers & herdsmen breeding cooperative and a food processing plant.
The three cities have vigorously developed the specialized cooperatives by applying for state investment, farmers and herdsmen participating in equity, and dividends distributed in proportion to shares. Lhasa, Shannan and Nagqu have respectively set up 1366, 1356 and 1185 cooperatives, giving rise to a number of managers and ranchers being good at animal husbandry and management.
The three cities have taken their own advantage resources to attract investment and develop the market of animal husbandry products. Livestock products such as yak meat from Damxung County and mutton from Amdo County have entered the markets outside Tibet like Jiangsu Province and Chengdu City of Sichuan Province, being well received by consumers.
Since 2017, Lhasa City has raised over 600 million yuan RMB, setting up 6,000 dairy farming model households, 315 dairy farming communities and 3 high-standard dairy farming centers; Shannan City has invested 115 million yuan RMB to build Lhunze Niedui standardized breeding base, and 120 million yuan RMB to build Nedong Bairong cattle breeding base; Nagqu City has invested 800 million yuan RMB to construct animal husbandry and poverty alleviation industrial park, and built a number of beef and dairy products processing plants. By combining the poverty alleviation projects with competitive industries, the three cities have effectively boosted in-depth development of animal husbandry.

By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron
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