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Xigaze City improved infrastructure and public services in impoverished areas
By:China Tibet News
update:February 20,2019

Feb. 20, 2019 -- In recent years, Xigaze City has made great efforts to improve the infrastructure and the public services in poor areas in an all-round way. The upgrading projects have been implemented in the areas of water and electricity supply, road and telecommunication construction, network connection, education, science, culture and health.

With main focus on deeply impoverished areas, Xigaze has given priority to ensure drinking water safety. Up to now, it has invested 660 million yuan RMB in 1,067 safe drinking water programs. Regarding education, a total of 70 million yuan RMB has been allocated for the construction of 17 kindergartens in relocation sites. In terms of electricity supply, at present, Zhongba County, Saga County, Gyirong County and Nyalam County haven't been connected to the power grid yet. The preparation work of the connection project is expected to be pushed forward since the beginning of this year. In addition, 204 townships in the Xigaze have witnessed full coverage of mobile phone network and access to broadband.

In 2019, Xigaze will further promote the infrastructure construction in poor villages and poverty alleviation relocation sites, mainly in the fields of safe drinking water, roads and lighting. Besides, 416 million yuan RMB from the central government's special funds will be invested in 508 upgrading projects.

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