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Taking measures to promote poverty alleviation work
By:China Tibet News
update:January 09,2019
Jan. 9, 2019 -- Since 2018, in accordance with the work requirements of the Party Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region, the seventh batch of village task force of the Policy Research Department has persisted in helping the masses to continuously strengthen their endogenous dynamic for poverty alleviation. The village task force of Policy Research Department lifted 20 people from 5 poor households out of poverty in 2017. 299 people from 67 poor households got rid of poverty in 2018. In 2019, all poor households establishing card for archives will be lifted out of poverty.

The village task force has adhered to the positive publicity to guide the poor people to establish the ideology of poverty alleviation, and focused on publicizing the preferential policies and poverty alleviation measures to create a good atmosphere for poverty alleviation through banners, slogans, columns and materials. At the same time, the village task force has cultivated and commended the foregoers who have led the villagers to get rich, and given them honor certificates and bonuses, so that the masses can learn from them.

The village task force has found that the self-development ability of the masses was weak. Therefore, they have actively carried out cultural education and skills training for poor people, and publicized education to parents of dropouts. At the beginning of the fall semester in 2018, 26 dropouts returned to school. They have also held training classes for bilingual teaching (Tibetan and Chinese), academic guidance and interest cultivation in the winter and summer holidays. At the same time, they have actively organized the masses to participate in vocational skills training. In 2018, they organized 35 poor people to take part in technical training such as cooking, construction machinery driving and breeding, and 13 poor people got employed through training.

To improve people's production and living conditions, the village task force has carried out the pairing assistance work. The Policy Research Department has sent over 70,000 yuan (about 10,187 U.S. dollars) of solatium to the villagers, and won a number of construction projects such as drinking water, communication and transportation to improve the masses' living conditions. Since 2018, they have actively contacted commonweal organizations, collected more than 2,100 pieces of clothing from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jilin and other places, and distributed them to the masses.

In addition, based on the local animal husbandry resources advantages and market demand, the village task force has raised 335,000 yuan (about 48,752 U.S. dollars) of funds. In May 2018, they established an animal husbandry economic cooperative, formulated the rules and regulations, elected board of directors and supervisors, and completed the ranch lease, recruitment of production personnel and other work. At the same time, they have regularly investigated production conditions, solved difficult problems, guided managers to establish production accounts and standardize financial management, and led the masses to expand sales channels. At present, more than 30,000 yuan (about 4,368 U.S. dollars) of income from dairy products has been realized, and the masses will get dividends for the first time.

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