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Tibet’s Chongye County received 186,100 tourists in 2017
By:China Tibet News
update:April 19,2018

April 19, 2018 -- Chongye County, located in Shannan of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, boasts a long history and rich culture. In recent years, Chongye County regards tourism industry as one of its main strategies. Since 2017, it has focused on the brand building of Tubo former capital's cultural tourism. With an increase of investment on tourism, the county enhances the integration of tourism resources and the promotion of its own tourism brand. It welcomed 186,100 tourists last year, generating about 8.67 million yuan (about $1.38 million) in tourism revenue, up 22 percent on the previous year. The development of tourism also improves living standards.

For the cooperation of government and company, integration of culture and tourism, explanation of scenic spots and other issues, a series of meetings are held, reaching on the spirit of developing tourism with culture, supporting tourism with programs, advancing tourism with innovation and promoting tourism with dissemination. After discussion, it will pay more attention to the groundwork including service management, cultural communication and construction of projects. Thanks to the support of government, about 3.85 million yuan (about $ 612,228) of the financial budget at the beginning of this year will be used on the development of tourism. Besides, with the help from aid-Tibet team, over 30 million yuan (about $ 4.77 million) will be invested in the construction of tourist attractions, backing up the development of cultural tourism.

Over the past years, nine toilets have been built at tourist sites, which are distributed in three villages and one town. With an investment of more than 20 million yuan (about $ 3.18 million), the construction of a tourist reception center has started. A new theater that costs 8.5 million yuan (about $ 1.35 million) has been put into use. The conservation project on Sholkhang manor, which costs nine million yuan (about $ 1.43 million), has begun. The construction of Tibetan King's Tomb Museum will begin on April, which is invested by 34.17 million yuan ( (about $ 5.43 million). In addition, the building of two tourism demonstration villages, Chongye intelligent scenic spot and other programs will begin in 2018.

Chongye County persists in the breakthrough of tourism. With Tibetan King's Tomb and Tubo former capital as the core and three manors as the support, the county will form a new pattern of all-region tourism. Besides, there are over 2,000 people in Chongye engaged in tourism. At the end of 13th Five-Year Plan, more than 500,000 tourists from both home and abroad will be expected to travel to Chongye, generating 150 million yuan in tourism revenue. 

By: Zhu Shan

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