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An Attentive and Skillful Eye Watching over the Plateau (III): neighborhood diagnosis
By:China Tibet Online
update:January 31,2018
Jan. 31, 2018 -- In northern Khang, there really is not anybody able to diagnose and treat anorectal diseases, let alone any medical department nearby that specializes in that particular field. If someone had a problem, they had to travel hundred of miles away to Garze's prefectural hospital to get help. Large mountains stand in the way, and gave patients a terrible time traversing them. Such was the case for Luhuo.
In 2014, the Chengdu Anorectal Disease Hospital decided to support Luhuo in establishing a department to treat common anorectal diseases as part of the aim to cultivate human resources in medical disciplines, lead local hospitals to better success, and bring benefits to local citizens. To do this, though, things pretty much had to start from scratch. Even with the difficulties, progress had to be made, and after three years of effort, Luhuo's new Department of Anorectal Diseases has seen a giant leap in development. It is equipped with 20 beds and has an independent operation room and physiotherapy facilities. The department offers ten specific forms of surgery, and 340 operations have since been carried out. An estimated 2,500 outpatient consultations have taken place, and a mobile clinic was brought to rural areas more than 20 times to help with public awareness and overall safety, with more than 2,000 people having received individual attention. Now, after three years, 6.3 million yuan have been saved as a result of profitable medical fees, and the department is now recognized as one of the most famous such departments in the northern Khang area, with people from all around coming in to seek help or just get a checkup.
The Jinjiang medical support team, as a result of implementing the above strategies, has been able to improve the facilities of several medical departments found in smaller communities, and since they have begun, the people of such communities have seen a remarkable rise in their health. 
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