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The grain output of Lhoka to exceed 164000 tons
update:October 21,2016
Oct. 21, 2016 -- In the first three quarters, the weather is mild and rainfall is abundant in Lhoka City, so agricultural indexesare expected to be overfulfilled.
Up to now, Lhoka City's harvest work has been basically completed. Nedong County, Chanang County and Gyaca County have finished the autumn sowing area of 615 mu. It is expected that this year's grain output can exceed 164000 tons, oilseed rape output can reach 16000 tons, and vegetable output can reach 70200 tons. All the  indexes are hopeful to be overfulfilled.
The regreening of natural pastures is earlier and artificial grass grows very well. The number of all kinds of newborn livestock is 556800 heads and the survival rate is 95.94%. The output of meat, milk and eggs is 2375.65 kilograms and the output value is expected to reach 213 million yuan. In addition, the excavation and management work of caterpillar fungus has made new breakthrough.
In the first three quarters this year, there are no problems for the safety production of agriculture and animal husbandry, and the quality of agricultural and animal products. Judging from the present condition, the development momentum of animal husbandry is good. It is a foregone conclusion that farming and animal husbandry will harvest.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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