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E-commerce industry develops well in Tibet
update:October 19,2016
Oct. 19, 2016 -- According to the Commerce Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet's e-commerce industrial park has been basically completed and 16 enterprises have entered into the park. In addition, the newly established E-commerce and Trade Logistics Association also enrolled 83 enterprises. The e-commerce industry's aggregation effect is showing up.

At present, the e-commerce industrial park provides one package service including food, lodging, transportation, traveling, shopping and entertainment, helping Lhasa citizens realize the one hour life circle.

It is said that the e-commerce industrial park has six comprehensive service sections, namely cloud county territory, cloud institutes, cloud cross-border, cloud garden, cloud association and cloud platform.

Nagri Prefecture's Cuoqin County that provides cloud county territory service has become the demonstration county for promoting e-commerce in rural areas. The cloud institutes own resources of 500 Taobao university certified instructors. The cloud cross-border service platform will open the channel to eight nations in South Asia, butt jointing hundreds of enterprises in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and other nations.

Tibet's mobile payment proportion is as high as 83.3%, ranking the first in China for many years. Tibet's characteristic industries such as ethnic culture tourism, national handicrafts, Tibetan medicine, featured livestock products processing industry, and drinking water industry and so on, have high brand recognition in the national and global markets.

By: Zhi Xinghua

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